Vuarnet has a history, it is unique. It began in 1957, rue Boissy d’Anglas in Paris in the Roger Pouilloux workshops.

the invention of the Skilynx

This avant-garde optician, passionate about skiing, will revolutionize the world of sunglasses by inventing an exceptional lens, the Skilynx, capable of both protecting it on the slopes and providing it with a view of the terrain, even on cloudy days.

“An optician wanted me to wear his sunglasses, I wore them during the descent of the Olympic Games… They were phenomenal! I won. I won. He offered me a deal…. I couldn’t resist.

Jean Vuarnet

It is a meeting that will seal the creation of the eponymous brand VUARNET. It took place with Roger Pouilloux in 1959, when the optician offered the French ski champion the Frame02, as a token of his admiration. It is with these glasses equipped with the famous Skilynx lens, allowing him to better avoid the traps of the relief of the track of Squaw Valley that Jean Vuarnet will win the gold medal in downhill skiing at the Olympic Games.

At the end of this victory, the two men who share a common passion and vision befriend each other and decide to join forces to create a brand that reflects their image: innovative, efficient and elegant. The VUARNET house was born.

Jean Vuarnet was a pioneer in his discipline, constantly seeking new ways to improve his performance: he was the first to develop the so-called “egg” position that skiers still use today.

the 60’s, model 02
the timeless icon

If the 02 model was and remains undeniably the reference of elegance on the slopes, it was very quickly adopted in the city by famous personalities such as Mick Jagger or Romy Schneider.

model 06
the french glamour

It was in 1969 that the 06 model became a legend by protecting Alain Delon’s beautiful eyes from the luminous Romy Schneider in the film Click of Jacques Deray.

the Glacier. Performance and style

Miles Davies / Jean Afanassieff

It was in 1974 that Vuarnet’s first Glacier model was created in a version designed and conceived for mountaineering. It was Jean Afanassieff, a talented French mountaineer, who was one of the first to adopt it. He was among the first French team to defeat Everest on October 15, 1978. Very quickly, success surpassed the peaks to seduce personalities like Miles Davis who regularly wore them on stage.

model 03
Californian spirit

Vuarnet and la 03 are a worldwide success thanks to Jeff Bridges – alias The Dude – in the film The Big Lebowski of the Coens Brothers (1998).

American dream

VUARNET makes its debut in the United States as an official sponsor of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

It is such a huge success that on the radio, weather speakers use the formula “It’s A Vuarnet Day” to announce a sunny day!

A new era for the brand, the United States became the leading market and spurred global success.

back to the light

VUARNET launches a contemporary version of its iconic Glacier model that marks the beginning of a new era.

Its unique design and high technicality make it a reference and an icon of style. His success surpasses the French Alps to seduce the most famous secret agent in history, James Bond in the latest opus Spectrum. A simple gesture makes it possible to remove the removable shells to transform the Glacier model into a classic Framepilot for daily wear.​​​​​​​

Vincent Cassel, the brand’s new ambassador

Vincent Cassel’s choice was as obvious as ever… A French actor with a global presence, he is talented, captivating and charismatic. Known for his overflowing energy, he perfectly embodies the very essence of VUARNET: elegance and movement. VUARNET went to Rio de Janeiro to meet him in order to capture him in his element.

opening of the brand’s first boutique


For its 60th anniversary, VUARNET inaugurates its first boutique in Paris, at 28 rue Boissy d’Anglas, where the story began.

the excellence of French know-how

The French State has certified VUARNET and its Manufacture as Living Heritage Company – a unique recognition that rewards French companies for the excellence of their traditional and industrial know-how.

Most eyewear designers today put all efforts in appearance – some gems here and there, maybe add an element from their jewellery line and whatnot. But when it comes to the real reason behind wearing sunglasses in the first place – protection and vision comfort – they all choose the supplier with the lowest offer that covers the quality standards. In consequence, no matter how expensive or fashionable, most sunglasses’ lenses are defined by their color (grey, brown or green) and rarely adding a polarised filter. And that’s it..

When we saw Vuarnet for the first time, what excited us the most was the fact that their main products are the lenses. The frame that carries these lenses comes second, however that doesn’t mean that their sunglasses aren’t distinguished. Au contraire.. It just means that the lenses are the main focus of their craftsmanship. Their lenses are a work of professional opticians and this is evident even for an untrained eye. As a skier Roger Pouilloux wanted to create the ultimate product with the best performance possible, ‘all extras’ he could imagine. You can see in his final product the passion and effort he put into ctreating the Skilynx. This is what makes these sunglasses line so special.

The lenses of Vuarnet:

  • are produced in France, Vuarnet’s own factory in Meaux
  • are made of chemically tempered glass| while most other sunglasses’ brands today offer plastic lenses
  • contain 100% Silicon dioxide => 100% recyclable
  • offer better vision clarity compared to regular sunglasses
  • are a lot harder to scratch, compared to plastic lenses
  • are lighter compared to regular glass lenses
  • filter 100% of UV light up to 400nm | most sunglasses protect you up to ~385nm
  • filter between 87% and 99% of the harmful blue light ** (depending on the particular lens color)
  • filter ~94% of IR light
  • have a backside anti reflective coating
  • have an additional hydrophobic coating for easier cleaning
  • can be made with your prescription
  • are engraved with Vuarnet logo
  • offer a polarizing filter* (depending on color choice)
  • have unique mountain-tailored mirror coatings – with stronger mirror in the top part against direct sunlight, and also in the bottom part against reflected light from the sun, while keeping the middle section a bit clearer for your vision

Website – Vuarnet

  • 100BGN – 900BGN

*polarizing filter is not related to UV protection – it’s an extra that few sunglasses offer. It usually goes with sport sunglasses and very rarely with designer brands. It increases contrast, as it filters out the ‘noise’ in the light reflected from flat surfaces like snow and water.

**blue light has become a popular topic lately with the increase of indoor/computer work. What is not communicated as much is that the main source of the harmful blue light is the sun, sending 1000 times more of it, compared to a computer screen.