About us

Super 9000 is an alternative optical store that helps people see and look super.

We are the first and only opticians in Bulgaria to work with the latest and most precise vision testing equipment: Vision-R 800 from Essilor. Apart from offering an unmatched vision acuity measurement accuracy of 0.01Dpt (instead of the regular 0.25), this device allows us to carry out the entire test remotely.

Our team has a total of over half a century of experience in the field of vision care.

Our catalog consists of a collection of frames from small EU manufacturers, which incorporate the latest technologies and innovations into their products. In our store you will also see samples of the entire Essilor lenses portfolio – every lens tint, material and coating, to facilitate your choice.

Here you will find frames from the designers who created the personal models for Aristotle Onassis, Jackie Kennedy, Elton John, John Lennon name collection and Matt Damon’s sunglasses from his latest film.

If you’re curious to understand what polarisation is, should astigmatism be corrected, can you get prescription sunglasses, which lenses are best for driving, sports, or for working with digital devices, and any other non-standard dilemmas of personalised choice, you will get an answer here.

We recommend eye solutions according to your individual characteristics and needs and believe that there is a difference between ‘seeing OK’ and ‘seeing SUPER’. Excellent vision is key to quality of life and the mission of  Super 9000 is to provide it to you.

Super 9000 is the only eye care practice you need because:

  • Your vision is taken care of by people with a lot of experience;
  • The eye examination is supported by super high end equipment, available only here;
  • Because we are an independent local business with only one optical store, we care about you and do our best to get you satisfied. We’ll listen to you to understand your needs. We will ask you questions instead of telling you about our products. We will offer you a solution that fits not only your prescription but also your lifestyle. You will understand what we have to offer because we are able to speak ‘human’ instead of technicalities. And we will put this solution in a frame masterpiece that people will ask you about. 

It is important for us that you’d be super happy with your glasses because, as a small business, we need loyal customers to recommend us to their close ones. And it’s our constant endeavour to achieve it.


Veselin’s motivation has always been to take care of his clients by finding the optimal visual solution for each person. With time he came to the conclusion that there were three factors that allow this to happen:

  • Client hearing, Medical history and Precise eye examination;
  • Quality, aesthetic frames that will fit your face perfectly;
  • Bespoke lenses that meet your visual needs.

The more experience and observations he acquires, the more he is confronted with the lack of a comprehensive service that addresses all these factors which he would seek as a customer.

So he decided to implement it in his own Super optic store.

What is Super 9000?

From the moment I started dreaming about my optical store, I decided that when it happens, the place would be called Super 9000. Apart from a super cool ring to it, the power of these words’ combination makes a serious claim to uniqueness. Today, I still to believe that I can keep the promise I made with it:

Technically, 9000 is the final stage of a model refinement, the latest form of progress. All the tested novelties are embedded in it and work in perfect harmony. This is the best so far, there is no more than 9000. In ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘, HAL9000 is an AI supercomputer, and the powers of manga superheroes are limitless when they are ‘Over 9000’. ISO 9000 is a set of international standards on quality.

On the other hand, despite the modern use of the word ‘super’, it means beyond. Through this name I promise you a service beyond the current best.

And what is beyond the current best?

The future.

Super 9000
See Future


Veselin Istatkov
Optician, Manager
Veselin Istatkov
Optician, Manager

From an early age Veselin is surrounded by lenses and frames; after school, he spends a lot of time in the optic store where his mother works and especially in the workshop where the glasses are made.

One of his earliest childhood memories is the pleasant sensation of the warm sand, which back then was used to personalise the plastic frames, as well as the interesting optical effects of the various lenses he played with.

It so happened that his whole life followed up to this childhood passion. He holds a degree in dispensing optician, works as an eye care professional and shop manager in a small optical chain. Later he is a product manager (lenses) at the largest eyewear company in the world. His main interests include eye examination, lenses fitting / centering, and progressive lenses. Over the years, he has become an established trainer with dozens of technical and product trainings for opticians, meanwhile continuing to keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry. Today is a 4th year major in Optometry at Sofia University.

Veselin’s life is intertwined with many travels and diverse passions, in which he has always taken innovative approaches and perspectives. He has lived in Germany, Spain, Argentina and the United States and during his travels has developed an affinity for cooking, and he is one of the founders of KEKC – Culinary Experimental Team Sofia (the abbreviation makes sense in Bulgarian :). He loves quality music, appears as a DJ, and has a pirate online radio. In his spare time he likes snowboarding and biking and cooking for his family. He appreciates design of old things, including glasses. In Super 9000 you’ll not only you see old eye frames and lenses, but you will also listen to vinyls, and, if you decide to spend some time there, you can have tea or coffee in old Bavarian porcelain.

Valentina Peynova
Optician, Veselin’s mom
Valentina Peynova
Optician, Veselin’s mom

Optician, Veselin’s mom

Valentina’s entire life is related to people’s vision. Her professional career began from the time when the ‘State Optics’ existed, through the birth of private small optics and the development of large chains in Bulgaria. She graduated from the School of Fine Mechanics and Optics – Lomonosov in Sofia, after which she gained many years of experience as a consultant in optic stores in Bulgaria and Argentina. Over the years, she has worked not only as an optician, but also in a company for distribution and import of lenses, as well as in a workshop where the lenses are cut and the frames are assembled. Her experience over the decades gives her the ability to have a deep understanding of the whole process in optics – from the creation, through adaptation, to retail and national distribution of products for better vision.

Her key competency is that she can talk to clients, she can hear their needs and offer them the best visual solution. She is convinced that this is related to her other passion – books in which each character is also different and the purpose of the reader is to get into his shoes, to feel his energy and mood.

Her love for her job is transferred to her son and today she is proud that he follows her into her profession and now they are able to work together for the first time.