Consultation in Super 9000 consists of 3 main components:

  • Determining Rx

Prescription examination is carried with state of the art equipment – Vision R 800 from Essilor, one of a kind in Bulgaria. This device not only measures prescription at a game changing accuracy of 0.01 Dpt (instead of the industry standard of 0.25 Dpt), but also can be operated at a distance, without the need of any practitioner-customer physical contact.

Exam takes 20-30min

  • Consultation and recommendation for vision correction

Choosing the right product to correct your vision can be as important as the vision test itself. A proficient eye care specialist must know all products by heart, understand your specific lifestyle and vision needs, and recommend the best option accordingly. On top of that, in our experience we learned that asking questions and listening to you is the most important skill we need to practice. Instead of explaining technicalities, we want to know what you do on your job and your weekends – it’s the only manner which allows us to care for your vision comfort in the best possible way.

  • Analysing an issue with your old glasses

If you are unhappy with the glasses you’d bought elsewhere, and you need a third party opinion, we’re here to help. This has become such a popular demand that we decided to include it in our services. We are able to determine the source of your inconvenience, whether it’s based on wrong Rx or product related. This process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, and may include a new eye examination. When we’re done, we can issue a written statement which you could use to seek your rights back at where you bought your glasses from.

*All consultations are free with the purchase of new glasses. If paid, the cost is deduced form any future purchase upon showing a receipt.

How to prepare for an eye exam in Super 9000?

  • Eye examinations are carried best after a good night’s sleep and early in the day when your eyes are still well rested. Otherwise, after staring at a computer for 8 hours, results might not be as accurate;
  • Bring all the information you can find about your old glasses, prescription and other related medial history;
  • If you wear contact lenses, don’t put them on in the morning;
  • Think in advance about what made you unhappy with your old glasses. It can help us recommending a better solution for you. For example:
    • Do you see perfect at any distance?
    • Are your eye tired in the evening?
    • Are you bothered by glare during driving, work, sports?
    • Is the frame comfortable?
    • If you could change one thing about your glasses, what would it be?
Super 9000
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Hannah CuiHannah Cui
08:10 24 Jul 22
I would give 10 stars if I could. I was worried about getting a new pair of glasses because I have a high prescription with astigmatism and have never ordered glasses abroad. This place was recommended to me after reaching out to one of the local FB groups. Veselin was incredibly responsive when I reached out and went beyond my expectations in the time and care that he took during my exam. He is a true professional and perfectionist and noticed that my prescription was actually over corrected (my vision was sharper than it needed to be which actually creates more problems with eye strain when working on my laptop). Plus, by slightly decreasing my prescription, my lenses moved out of the "custom" category and became more affordable (no one had ever taken the time to suggest this to be before). When my new lenses came in, I couldn't tell at all that the prescription was slightly decreased. The lenses were very clear and even better than my previous lenses. And my eye strain was reduced. Plus, my contact lense prescription was adjusted well. I can't recommended Super 9000 and Veselin enough. He's my favorite optician and I've seen many. I'm now a very happy and loyal customer.
Ivan ZlatevIvan Zlatev
07:10 12 Apr 22
A year ago I was helped with new glasses and now went back to replace my sunglasses. Absolute professionals as always, and the vibe is at the very top of making you feel elated with your glasses and new look.
Alexander VladimirovAlexander Vladimirov
12:21 11 Jan 22
A month ago I needed to refresh my dioptric glasses. I already knew about Super 9000 because last summer I got a sleek pair of Shelter sunglasses (those made with French walnut 👌🏻) from the store. So I’ve made an appointment with the owner Vessko and went for a next level eye examination while sipping hot tea. A few days after that I got my new glasses adjusted for astigmatism and PC screen usage. Great quality! And there’s a bonus - the place is dog friendly!
Ultra precise, professional, taking legacy parent's craft to a whole new level. Don't bother with anyone else for optics in town. This is the real deal. What started with a friendly dogwalk-related banter in the park on a chilly November eve, ended up with me and my son getting the best eyeglasses either of us had ever had. Vesselin and his mom will make you feel right at home in the shop, nice music, good coffee and above all, perfect service that leaves no question, need or desire unaddressed.P.S. Don't be alarmed if Vesselin ends up correcting your existing prescription after the thorough exam leveraging state-of-the-art tech, profound knowledge and a dash of perfectionism. Almost miraculously, one starts seeing equally well with both eyes! I know I did, despite the "complicated and incurable" astigmatism and diopter differences I've been told I have over all these years.
Branimir AngelovBranimir Angelov
11:03 09 Oct 20
Optician offering a premium service... something that was missing in Sofia for a long time. Vesko is using the latest technologies available to build the highest quality glasses meeting the individual customer needs. Attached you can see the two masterpieces created by him that I proudly wear every day. Highly recommended!
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