Founded in 1990, the internationally oriented New York eyewear label MODO has become synonymous with minimalist and progressive designs. The label relies on innovative materials and high-tech manufacturing techniques to create frames that are stylish and durable. The brand takes a back seat and does without the placement of logos.

Throughout our 30-year history, MODO has offered eyewear that delivers lightness and lasting quality. Their designs are reflections of the world around us – in architectural precision as well as the harmonious contrasts between strength, structure, and light.
Since 1990, they have grown from their New York roots and now unite the city’s progressive spirit with their Italian design heritage and Scandinavian minimalism. Each new collection merges innovative compositions, inspired material combinations, and refined aesthetics for eyewear that links form and function in perfect balance.

Paper-Thin Acetate

Modo adds an acetate rim to titanium in this sleek collection of lightweight frames. These thin yet ultra-resilient designs offer a mix of exciting textures and vibrant hues

R 1000 + Titanium

With memory plastic and innovative screwless hinges, our R 1000 + Titanium frames are super-light and flexible.
Light, durable, and adaptable, R 1000 + Titanium balances technique and aesthetics.


The Paper-Thin collection uses innovative, ultra-thin Beta-titanium and TR90 polyamide rims for the lightest optical frames in the world. Each frame’s slim silhouette and minimal construction combine design and function for beautiful results.

  • 450 BGN

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