Presbyopia and progressive lenses

Why has it become harder to read? What are “progressive glasses”? Are they good for me?

If you can relate with these questions, please find the answers below

Our eyes change throughout our lifetime. Babies see best at a distance of around 20cm, but with age the abilty of a human to focus at near distances weakens. People start to notice this in the beginning of their 40s, when they begin to move their watch, phone and book futher away, so they can see them better. This is normal, it happens to everyone with no exception and is called “Presbyopia”.

What can you do in order to see better? 

In the past people used to wear just reading glasses. The inconvenience they cause is that you have to constantly take them off or lower them on your nose, so you can see [above them] objects further away from you. And if you have worn glasses in the past, then you’ll need 2 pairs: one for far vision and one for near, which means you’ll have to switch both pairs constantly.

The modern solution are ‘Progressive glasses’ aka ‘Varyfocals’.

They help people see at all distances with one pair of glasses. They are called “progressive” because in them the power increases smoothly towards the lower part of the lenses. When you’re wearing them you will be able to see at all distances, in whatever situation you are in, similar to your natural vision prior to Presbyopia. In addition, they are very elegant and look completely natural on your face, unlike the reading glasses that give away your age.

Progressive lenses

Naturally, as these glasses are bespoke and finely tuned for your eyes, progressives cost more than regular glasses. Their price can vary from 200 up to 2000 BGN. 

Big companies invest millions in R&D for better vision solutions. The result of the efforts towards perfect vision for people who have difficulties reading, are the Progressive lenses. Today they are the best possible glasses for clear and natural vision of presbyops.

Please see a video about progressive lenses made by their inventor and largest producer – Essilor.
Here at Super 9000 we recommend their progressive lenses’ brand – Varilux.

Here at Super 9000 we never compromise with on your vision: We offer beautiful frames and recommend only lenses that we’re sure will make your life less obstructed and more active and enjoyable. We always advise for the optimal solution, adapted to your lifestyle and needs.

We invite you to Super 9000, where you’ll find not only expertise, but also care and attention to your questions. You will also be able to try on progressive lenses before you decide. And if in the end you want to go with progressives, here is what follows:

  • First we will do an eye test. A correct Rx is crucial for a good progressive glasses experience, and for that reason we work with the most precise eqipment in the world, unique in Bulgaria. It is so advanced and accurate, it measures your powers (diopters) with an unmatched precision of 0,01D (compared to the industry standart of 0,25D);
  • When the Rx is ready we can simulate your vision with progressive lenses, so you can see and feel what life will be like with your future glasses;
  • A week later, when your glasses are ready, you should be able to realize their added value immediately. Nevertheless, if in the next 2-3 weeks you feel you have troubles using them and feel that progressive lenses are not the right thing for you, you can return them and have 2 pairs of regular glasses instead – 1 for distance vision and 1 for near.

Our goal is for you to have the perfect glasses, adapted to your lifestyle and particularities.

Visit us to see how beautiful life can be through progressive lenses.

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