Lafont’s collection includes eyeglasses with an emphasis on elegance. Parisian chic is accessible with sophisticated, Art Deco-inspired frames from this French design house – find sleek, refined styles for him, and bold yet feminine frames for her.

By registering for the ” French Origine Guarantee” certification, Lafont continues to uphold quality, transparency and traceability of their products.

Utilizing creative materials and taking the time to make a truly beautiful pair of glasses, this French brand has nearly 100 years of experience under their belt.

A typical pair of Lafont glasses frames takes anywhere from 8 to 14 weeks to produce, as they pride themselves on using high-quality acetate and employ 100 people to scrutinize each final frame. Part of what makes this brand so unique is the color palette they favor, with over 200 unique colors used in the last century.

For the eyeglass wearer who wants to make a bold statement, Lafont glasses frames go wide and deep, with styles that incorporate fabric, lace, and cutouts. However, if a more subtle statement is desired, they can deliver here too with classic Tortoise patterns and sleek shapes.

Additional information:

  • 30 GRAMS – Weight of an average pair of glasses
  • 39th Department du Jura – Location of manufacturing for our frames. The factory is situated in the Jura region in France
  • 95% Of the collection is handmade in France
  • 330,000 – Frames manufactured per year
  • 200 – Operations required to produce one pair of glasses
  • 234 – Unique colors in the Lafont collection. 80% of which are exclusive to Lafont
  • 100 pairs of eyes examining each detail during the manufacturing process
  • 300 BGN

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