Sashee Schuster

Sashee Schuster

Sashee Schuster composes the shapes of her models deliberately feminine. With her models, the designer wants to emphasize her wearers’ female sides. And the female side has oh so many facets: from playful, casual over self-confident and strong to diva-like. Sashee Schuster means the wearers of her glasses to live this femininity and express their attitudes.

Next to Sashee Schuster’s major work, the collection „Colours of Nature“ with its glasses that contain natural materials, she creates unique pieces that also come with a certificate to be „Unique“.

And it’s easy to see how Sashee is inspired by nature, when you see the factory these glasses are made in.

In addition, her portfolio comprises the collection „True Colours“. These are spectacle frames made of cotton acetate in Sashee’s favourite colours.
Of course, all the glasses of Sashee Schuster’s collections are hand-made in the frame-making workshop in Kinsau, Bavaria, Germany with lots of passion for perfect craftsmanship.

Sashee Schuster // Recycled collection

In addition to colours, natural elements and quality acetate, the metal temples of Sashee Schuser’s frames are another piece of luxury, made from bronze with 1μm gold plating.

Sashee Schuster // Reserl – Safflor
  • 900 BGN

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