Dieter FUNK

Dieter FUNK

Dieter Funk’s spectacle frames are true objects of style. Be it “classic”, be it “statement”, with their expressive design they unite craftsmanship with premium quality and sustainable demands. Dieter Funk produces his collection by hand in his frame-making workshop in Kinsau, Bavaria, Germany. He uses e.g. vintage acetate or his latest innovation: recycled acetate.

Dieter Funk is a creative visionary and together with his crew they are passionate frame-makers.

His campaigns are just as straightforward and without any knick-knack, as Dieter Funk’s spectacles are. Clear lines and strong expression are of high importance to the designer. Over the years, Dieter Funk has worked together with many popular photographers and local talents. Also the models have to be authentic, because Dieter Funk creates his glasses for authentic people – his motto: “Real Funk for real people”.

The recycled collection

In order to understand what Dieter Funk means by ‘Recycled’, you have to first understand the process of creating acetate frames (acetate is the most common material for what people usually call ‘plastic’). In the following video you’ll see how the largest acetate producer in Europe – Mazzucchelli – makes the material for the majority of quality eyewear makers in Europe:

After the sheets of acetate are shipped to a particular eyewear maker, the frame and temples are cut either by hand or, more commonly so – by a CNC router.

It is obvious that this method of producing eyewear frames is not the most sustainable, because it leaves a lot of leftover material which is not recycled. Some companies approach the topic of sustainability with modern tech like 3D printing which leaves 0 waste, but on the other hand, 3D printer glasses look somewhat too futuristic while so many people prefer ‘normal’ and ‘plastic’ frames.

And here is how Funk’s collection ‘Recycled’ addresses this issue – the acetate leftovers are not thrown away, rather cut into small pieces and thrown back into the acetate mass. This creates unique and quite colorful frames which are so gorgeous that we wonder why isn’t everyone doing it. Oh, I remember, because people want black, right?

The wonderful thing about it is that one layer of acetate does never look like another, because there are always new mixtures, depending on which colors we use for the recycling process.

Dieter Funk // Recycled

To help impress you further, here is a video from the birthplace of these luxury frames in Kinsau Germany.

  • 600 BGN

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