When founded Shelter team made a bold statement:

To create stylish and elegant wooden glasses, made in France, without losing the comfort and lightness of the frames.

After 5 years of work, they patented the SMARTWOOD technology by Wedenmade, which brings a unique innovation, a new era in the construction of wooden frames: the flexible wood.

The Shelter thus combines fine craftsmanship, art, innovation and natural resources.

The frames are inspired by the beauty of the nature, the uniqueness of architecture and aesthetics, and then created by the hands of French artisans.

Proponents of responsible production, the Shelter team is committed to respecting people and the environment, adding that “Everything that is said is done and everything done is said.”

From the beginning, Shelter has been working hand by hand with Marotte, a high-end wood veneer specialist. Their know-how and the richness of their collection allow them to bring in each frame a unique elegance and exceptional quality.

Marotte is a French specialist in precious wood veneer. For more than 70 years this firm that has a certificate for “Entreprise Vivante du Patrimoine“ has perpetuated the craft tradition and developed the latest industrial technologies to ensure high quality manufacturing. Well known by great interior designers, Marottes woods have been used for the most beautiful and luxurious apartments, shops and yachts.



This noble material, which has always been the subject of special attention at every stage of the manufacture of frames, has been completely rethought to achieve results beyond its mechanical boundaries.


The Shelter Collection incorporates true technical prowess with the patented SMARTWOOD technology:

After several years of research, a revolutionary complex technique was set which includes 8 layers of wood laid out in a specific way. The result are ultra-thin wooden frames with improved durability, comfort and lightness.

Combined with the modern and high-quality veneer of their partner Marotte, this patent makes it possible to meet the creative and technical constraints of wooden frames.

The unison between high technology and the craftsmanship gives every detail its importance – at least 90 steps are required for the production of each frame, many of which are hand-made: grinding wooden frames, glass mounting, hinge mounting , assembly and many more.

Over time, Shelter has been proud of its partnerships based on trust, professionalism and respect.


“Dedicated to quality manufacturing, we are fortunate to work with the best French eyewear craftsmen which are recognized experts in the field. We are convinced that their experience and talent are a unique heritage and we are committed to promoting French craftsmanship. Those are the people who give life to our glasses.”

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